Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Temple Run / Candy Crush Cheat

Ever wondered how to quickly grab those gold coins in temple run. here is a easy cheat where it will let you take away all your daily and weekly reward points perpetually all the time in just few minutes.

While playing religiously, I found that reward points timer calculation which runs like a clock did not let you progress fast in the game . So I was thinking whether a hack can be found for this, so that we complete it soon though temple run says you run forever. Eventually I found one way out to solve this.

Here it is. The clock timer used in the game is of native phone's system time. That's it. I moved my time further on phone and temple run timer moved as well. That solved everything. Please see the screen shots attached. Happy playing temple run. You really don't have to play everyday to get those reward points. We can get it anytime.

First screenshot showing remaining time left  for next reward

Current time at 23:46

Increasing time by 12 mins

Change in system time gets reflected in the game
Temple run cheat works