Friday, April 12, 2013

Testing ATM

As we are very aware that how the software works is very tough to understand for a user/software tester since everything turns out to be a black box. And how do we fully understand any systems completely by just using them. In search of answer, rightly I came across thinking about information visualization and its help in software programs.  After experimenting visualization and creating a mental picture it is found that it helps greatly to understand any system being in place. Edward Tufte who is called as the Galileo of information and data presentation has helped in many ways on how to visualize information. Books like Visual Display of Quantitative Information to Beutiful Evidence are good reads.
                Now, I found if information not well presented can create a visual noise. Manier times presenting test ideas not in a visual span creates such noise and discomfort. Now in this post, I'm presenting test ideas for ATM, one of the most asked testing questions. Ideas are presented using Mindmap a humble yet powerful mental visualization tool.

James Whittaker’s talk at GTAC 2008 Keynote Address: The Future of Testing - YouTube sheds light on visualization as well. Enjoy watching. Special thanks to Manju on helping with paired testing.Requesting you to add your thoughts and ideas in comments. Thanks!